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Australian Master Post

I love my country 

Things I’ll miss while I’m away.

my country is beautiful :) beautifully weird…

This post is actually 100% true, I promise. Except it was called ‘Round the Twist’ (don’t misspell my childhood), and “yeah, nah” can also precede any sentence, whether it requires an indication of yes or no or not.

None of those foods are made up though, and anyone who grew up without fairy bread has my deepest, deepest sympathies.

I love your country, Lil.

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Marvel: Agents Of Shield

Episode 1: ……

I should have looked up the episode name before I made this post…Let’s go with “Lola”, because obviously she was the main character in it. 

Okay then…looked it up…Melinda May actually seems to be our main focus. “Pilot”…gosh, how did I not notice. 

Anyways, we love you Coulson

I don’t know if you’re joking or you seriously don’t know what a Pilot episode is…

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We’re a highly top secret organization, we can’t let anybody know about us…let’s stick a logo on everything!

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Thank you, people who think Aquaman is lame. You didn’t buy these and because of that I was able to get them 50% off.
NOW it’s time to start saving for Christmas…

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New Aquaman Scribe Jeff Parker Speaks

With the departure of Geoff Johns from Aquaman new writer Jeff Parker has some big shoes to fill.…

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Cosmo Sex Tip #1701



When they plead for more, adopt a Scottish accent and yell, “I’M GIVIN’ HER ALL SHE’S GOT, CAPTAIN!

this is my third time reblogging this it will never not be funny

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Dropping Your iPhone vs. Dropping Your Droid

Not like they drop your calls or anything.